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Trees of Piešťany

Thanks to its climate, Piešťany boasts a large number of highly diverse species of trees. In Piešťany’s parks and throughout the town we can find many original, native species, as well as rare, exotic trees. Through the library’s publication “Trees of Piešťany” we decided to provide even more detailed information to inhabitants and visitors to Piešťany. The book, created in 2008, offers an overview of the important trees growing throughout Piešťany with interesting descriptions. The centrepiece of this bi-lingual book (Slovak-German) is the large, colourful photographs taken by Ľubomír Škorňák. The author of the book is Ing. Eva Wernerová. The book also contains a marked map indicating the location of the individual trees. The book was published by the non-profit organization ProPolis in cooperation with the Piešťany Town Library and Piešťany Information Centre with financial support from the Town of Piešťany. And so, Piešťany became the first town in Slovakia to have its own book about trees.

Another activity from the “Trees of Piešťany” project was the marking of the 9 rarest trees with information boards, which contain basic information about the trees in three languages making it easier for inhabitants and visitors of Piešťany to identify them.

Colour Piešťany

In 2010, in an effort to create an attractive product that would also be interesting for children as well as for visitors to the town, an unusual colouring book of Piešťany was created, which was the first of its kind in Slovakia. In an attractive and meandering way it depicts the main landmarks and symbols of Piešťany as well as the rare trees and animals living in our town. The individual objects in the book are described in Slovak and English, thanks to which children can not only develop their imagination and skill, but their knowledge of English as well. The colouring book was illustrated by Martina Matlovičová, holder of the international award the Golden Apple (Zlaté jablko) from the Bienále of Illustrations Bratislava 2009. The Piešťany Town Library and the Town of Piešťany shared in the preparation and printing of the colouring book with financial support from the non-profit organization ProPolis. Those interested in this colouring book, which can also serve as an informational guide of the town, can purchase it at the Piešťany Information Centre.

Leonardo the Cat in Piešťany

This is the second Piešťany colouring book, which, in addition to its pictures, is also enhanced by the story of the mischievous cat Leonardo and his master Vinco. The author of the book is the popular writer and dramaturgist Ján Uličiansky, while the artistic pages were the creation of the outstanding Slovak illustrator Martiny Matlovičovej. The new colouring book was “christened” on December 15, 2012 in the Town Library by the cartoonist Bobo Pernecký and Peter Remiš, the songwriter from the band Slniečko, using cat food granules. Peter Remiš wrote a poem about the cat just for this occasion...

The heroes of the colouring book were also brought to life in a theatrical performance under the name “Sladký Leonardo” (Sweet Leonardo), which was prepared by students from the Department of Puppet Art at the Academy of Performing Arts under the direction of Professor Uličiansky. The colouring book was released in 2012 by the non-profit organization ProPolis in cooperation with the Piešťany Town Library. Other partners sharing in the publication of this book included the Town of Piešťany, the Piešťany Information Centre, Skypers Language School, the Piešťany Rotary Club, Logomotion, Laguba, Magna, Ekom, and 2 Lumu.

Literary Figures of Piešťany 1

This publication introduces the five most famous literary figures, whose lives or works are connected to Piešťany and who have a permanent place in the heart of the town and our literary history - – Janko Alexy, Ivan Krasko, Ivan Stodola, Adam Trajan and Gejza Vámoš. The publication was published, in 2006, by the Piešťany Town Library with financial support from the Town of Piešťany.

Literary Figures of Piešťany 2

This is a continuation of the first book of portraits of the literary figures of Piešťany. This brochure introduces three important literary figures, whose lives or, at least a portion of them, are connected to our town and their works belong to the period after 1945 - Elena Čepčeková, Kveta Dašková and Dušan Dušek. The publication was published, in 2007, by the Piešťany Town Library with financial support from the Town of Piešťany.

Artistic Figures of Piešťany

This slim publication presents five, non-living, creative artists, who are among the most significant figures of the Piešťany art scene - Janko Alexy, Aurel Kajlich, Valér Vavro, Ladislav Ľudovít Pollák and Ctibor Krčmár. It was published, in 2009, by the Piešťany Town Library in cooperation with the Balneological Museum and with financial support from the Town of Piešťany.

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