The Piešťany Town Library and Disabled Users

Library for all

The Piešťany Town Library, as a public institution, provides universal and equal access to cultural values and information to all inhabitants and institutions in the town of Piešťany and the region. We strive to meet the specific needs of disabled library-goers by expanding our services.

We provide the following services to the disabled:

  • information services –  regularly sending the library’s program to individual organizations, associations, unions, and other institutions
  • wheelchair access and a lift on the first and second floors
  • free access to the internet and computer lab for the disabled and socially disadvantaged, which was opened in 2005

For several years the library has been systematically devoted to developing a program for the integration of disabled children, youth, and adults. The goal of these activities is to present the abilities, creativity, and skills of individuals with various disabilities, and to provide them an opportunity to meet large portions of the population, in order for them to become better acquainted and to improve the channels of communication.  The library regularly cooperates with special schools, organizations, and institutions highlighting the issues faced by the disabled and disadvantaged in the town and region.  

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