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The chronicle, as a way of preserving information about the life of the town, has irreplaceable importance. Its mission is to protect the cultural, social and historical legacy, which contributes to the development of the social and historical awareness of the inhabitants of the town as well to the suitable presentation of the town in a wider context.

The first chronicle of the town of Piešťany was begun on July 1, 1993. All important, even lesser important occurrences including visits by presidents, maharajas, and other personalities are recorded in this chronicle as well as the number of inhabitants, the unemployment rate, information about schools, concerts, and even about the weather. The chroniclers record the construction of water pipes, the sewerage system, public lighting, as well as details about events from World War II and even the development in the number of visitors to the spa.

In an effort to ensure that the public becomes more aware of the chronicle and that more people become familiar with Piešťany‘s current history, on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the first written record of Piešťany, individual volumes were released to the public in electronic form. The Piešťany Town Chronicle already has twelve volumes containing 3,600 pages, the transcription of which has been mostly carried out by Mária Verešová.

For 80 years, the Piešťany Chronicle has been written by only three chroniclers –The first was town secretary Dr. Alexander Straka, who spent more than twenty years writing the chronicle, for the next 35 years PhDr. Alexander Murín held this post and since 1986, this work has been continued by his son Ing. Alexander Murin.

Recommendations for the record are sent by the chronicler to the Commission of Culture and Nomenclature for consideration, which, after amendments and other additional suggestions have been made, is then, ultimately, sent to the Town Council for approval. The individual chronicle volumes are stored in the Town Hall in Piešťany at the Secretariat of the Mayor.


Region and Links / Chronicle of Piestany

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