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The Piešťany Town Library is an expansive, modern building, whose vast space creates ideal conditions not only for it to function as a library, but also for hosting cultural-social as well as educational events of local, national, and international importance. The outer appearance of the building as well as its interior space and rooms are the work of the Piešťany architects Bohuslav Pernecký and Marianna Bogyová.

The library building has a square floor plan with an atrium in the middle. It has three floors above ground and flat roofs and terraces. On the first floor there are exhibition rooms, the circulation desk and main borrowing area with its departments and offices. On the 2nd and 3rd floors there are large conference halls. In these places there are also original glass etchings by the academic painter Martin Benka, which had been located on the Colonnade Bridge in Piešťany. In order to protect them from being damaged or broken, they were moved to the Piešťany Town Library. The ones on the Colonnade Bridge are faithful copies of the original etchings. All floors are connected by a staircase. During the last renovations, an elevator was also added to the library, which makes the building and its lending services more easily accessible the disabled, seniors, and mothers with small children.

Visitors to the library can move about freely in all the public spaces of the library, and, of course, they can also read, study, look at exhibitions, surf on the internet or just sit and relax. A library card is only necessary in the event that the visitor would like to borrow a book. Checking out books takes place at the main circulation desks in the Section for Adults and Section for Children and Youth.

The library offers visitors a wide selection of library documents and services and supports their use. Throughout the building there are several rest areas with outlets for plugging in notebooks as well as connection to the internet. Our aim is for our visitors to find pleasant surroundings, where they will be pleased to spend time alone and with their loved ones.

The library’s collection is neatly divided into several parts offering the reader a wide selection of literature from the most varied of fields such as children’s books, fiction, educational books, and even foreign language books. In the library readers can find the latest printed materials and periodicals as well as reference books and daily newspapers.

The library also offers its readers and visitors professional services in the following basic sections and areas:

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