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The Section for Children and Youth is a large space full of light and colour, which is composed of several parts. Here children can find several tens of thousands of books, current editions of children’s magazines, exhibitions of new books, a vast amount of interesting information on hanging notice boards, a place to comfortably sit with numerous toys and board games and the support and assistance of a qualified children’s librarian. In 2001, an automated lending process was introduced (Advanced Rapid Library) and an on-line catalogue was also made available to readers.

The children’s section recently underwent some interior changes designed at making it cosier and giving it a modern appearance. The area was also enlivened by the permanent interactive exposition in the shape and form of the game called “Playful Man” (Človek hravý), which was created by Ján Uličiansky, Eva Farkašová and Pavel Gregor. The exposition was implemented in cooperation with Bibiana, the International House of Art for Children in Bratislava.

Other prominent Slovak artists are also responsible for the artistic design of the Children's Section. Visitors here will find fun, children's objects by Peter Čisárik, the fairytale doors from the studio of Svetozár Mydlo, as well beautiful illustrations by Vladimír Král from the book “Kozliatka“ (Baby Goats). 

The children’s section also has a fairytale room and entertaining and educational  area called “The Clever Submarine“.

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