Fairytale Room

Have you ever been in a fairytale? Or in our fairytale room? If yes, then you know that there’s always something interesting happening here: information education classes, discussions with authors and illustrators, creative workshops, fun competitions, listening to broadcasts of fairytales, videos, and summer holiday gatherings as part of the suburban summer camps.

This fairytale area is adorned with throw pillows with the portraits of famous personalities from the world of Slovak art and literature. Children visitors can see here the faces of those who have imagined, created, painted and drawn all of their favourite tales just for them. A wall filled with the smiling faces of artists and writers let the children see the faces of the people whose names, until now, they had only known from the covers of  books. The designer of this original wall installation is the Piešťany designer Michal Staško.

Detská knižnica