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Piešťany is famous for being the most important Slovak health spa specialising in treatment of locomotive apparatus illnesses. Besides treatment our town offers a wide variety of free time activities. Whether you decide to stroll across parks, sit about in one of the numerous cafés, go for a concert, hike or take part in a boat trip, you will certainly not be disappointed. Moreover, Piešťany offers interesting walking trips to its surrounding area which is full of history and natural beauty. Around and within the town you will find many paths and tracks suitable for cycling, walking and in-line skating.


Beckov – the ruins of a border guard castle from the 13th century towering above the village of Beckov. The castle, which withstood attacks by the Tatars and Turks and in the 18th century was almost destroyed by fire, underwent extensive reconstruction between 2010 and 2012. In addition to a  external and internal museum exhibition, visitors are also attracted to the castle by the numerous and regularly organized cultural events. Distance – 26 km from Piešťany, direction to Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

Moravany nad Váhom - village with renaissance chateau, place where Moravian Venus was discovered. Renaissance chateau is closed to public. Distance – 5 km, direction to Lúka nad Váhom.

Ducové – Kostolec – archaeological location from the Great Moravian period. Past times are reminded by the conserved walls of the rotunda, residential and farm areas, encircled by the renovated tambour. Distance - 6 km, direction to Lúka nad Váhom.

Havran – mountain pass, 390 m high above sea level, starting point for a number of hikes. Distance - 8 km, direction to Radošina.

Čertova Pec – cave habitat of Old Stone Age man.

Podolie – open-air miniature park. Models of reconstructed Slovak castles and memorial objects built to a scale of 1:50. Distance - 13 km, direction Nové Mesto nad Váhom, turn in village Horná Streda direction to Pobedim.


Červená veža – lookout hill, 240.4 m above sea level, starting point for a number of hikes. Distance – 2 km, access from the town centre across Krajinský Bridge towards the pension Benátky, from there up the steps up to the top of the hill.

Bezovec – lookout point, 742.8 m above sea level, during winter it is a ski resort. Distance - 20 km, direction to Moravany nad Váhom, continue through villages Modrová and Nová Lehota.

Čachtice – village , which has the ruins of a castle above it. Its history goes back to the 13th century, when the castle belonged to a system of border guard castles. In 1708, it was conquered and burnt down, since then it has been deserted. The castle was made famous by the bloodthirsty countess Elisabeth Bathory. Distance – 17 km, direction to Nové Mesto nad Váhom, turn in village Horná Streda, and continue, direction to Pobedim, Podolie and Častkovce.

Tematín – the ruin of the castle is hidden directly in the hills of Považský Inovec. The castle was built in the middle of the 13th century as one of the boarder guardian castles that are situated above the road leading through the valley of the river Váh. The early-gothic tower and the castle palace still dominate the castle area. Distance – 25 km, there are two possible routes: first is through the village Lúka nad Váhom, steeper climb on the hiking path, which lasts approx. 2.5 – 3 hours. Second is via Bezovec on the hiking path, which also takes approx. 2.5 – 3 hours.


The Dubová Bike Path – This bicycle path along the Dubová stream, stretching approximately 2.3 km, leads from the residential area in the section of the town known as Floreát towards the Sĺňava reservoir. It connects this administrative and residential zone with the recreational and sport zone in.

The Váh River cycling track starts at Colonnade Bridge and follows the Váh River Canal up to Horná Streda, goes under the highway bridge, touches the villages Brunovce, Potvorice, Považany, recreational centre Zelená voda, village Beckov and ends up in Trenčín. The length is approx. 50 km to Trenčín.

Circuit around the lake Sĺňava – recreation and nature trail with an asphalt surface going around Sĺňava Dam. The circuit is suitable for cycling, walking, and in-line skating. The asphalt flat strip 3 – 4 m wide stretches from Krajinský Bridge towards Lodenica, on to Drahovce Dam, along the water skiing area and back on the left side of the River Váh towards the bridge. Walking takes approx. 3 hours and cycling 50 minutes.


Squash Club, Hlboká STREET or tel: 0907 735 229


The First Riding School – The horse riding area is situated in the northern part of the town, behind Bodona, between the Biskupický Canal and the natural stream-bed of the River Váh. There are more then 25 horses which are provided for horse riding by local horse breeders.

The Kolumbia Ranch – This breeding station, not far from the village of Prašník, offers the possibility to ride on Paso Fino Colombiano horses.


Tennis courts, Hlboká Street – HS Centrum
0902 824 902

Tennis club, E. Belluša Street
0905 254 193


Striebornica – a natural lake which provides possibilities to relax and fishing. Distance – 6 km, located behind the village Moravany nad Váhom.


Horná Streda – lakes which originated through dredging. Today it is suitable to bath. Distance from Piešťany is 5 km, direction to Nové Mesto nad Váhom, before the highway bridge at Horná Streda turn right onto a rural road.


Čerenec – a water reservoir. Distance from Piešťanyapprox. 11 km, located behind the town of Vrbové.


Drahovce – lakes. Distance from Piešťany approx. 6 km, before the village Drahovce turn left on a rural road which goes along poplars and continue about 1 km towards the first lake.


Lido – an island in the town, “Prúdy” (streams) on the river Váh.


Water skiing area in Ratnovská zátoka (cove), for more information tel: + 421 911 733 888 or


A golf course is located on Spa Island, in the area called Vrbinky which is a very pleasant place to play. It is a nine-hole course of intermediate level.


Bowling, a game for relaxing, health, fun and leisure. It is suitable for all ages and at the moment it is booming throughout Europe.

Bowling Center Victoria

Skittles, skittle hall, Štúrova street 22



Swimming pool Eva, outdoor swimming pools open in summer

Hotel Sorea Sĺňava, indoor swimming pool open all year around

Hotel wellness centres with smaller indoor pools:

Hotel Park,
Sandor Pavillon,
AdamEva Resort,
hotel, sauna and wellness centre Heinola in village Banka.


Vlnka, small outdoor babyfriendly swimming pool with possibility of roof installation in village Banka.

Hotel, outdoor relaxing swimming pools, open during summer months – Pension Diana


Acupressure path with handrail constructed in the town park behind the Kursalon building. Passers-by can walk on the gravel stones barefoot from the Danube and so experience a natural acupressure massage.

Boat trip on the river Váh, in the months of April - October (in case of good weather also in March and November), boarding is next to the Colonnade Bridge, cruise takes 55 or 80 minutes, and it is an enjoyable experience for children and adults. For more information tel: +421 905 250 164 or

Museum of Ancient Cultures – The Warship Hyperborea - the replica of an ancient ship, a floating museum on the pond near the guesthouse Rybársky dvor (Sĺňava, direction Drahovce) and numerous experiences bring the life of ancient times and the Roman period closer. In addition to expert commentary, visitors also have the opportunity to experience variousexhibits and, if weather permits, to sail around the pond

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