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  • Inter-library lending service (MVS)

Upon the request of a reader or user, the library can arrange the borrowing of a document, either an original or copy, which is not in its own library collection, from other library within the Slovak Republic through an inter-library lending service. The fee for this inter-library lending service (MVS) is 2,50 € for each title borrowed.

  • Public access to the Internet

There’s a virtual Wi-Fi network available for all visitors, through which they can connect to the Internet from their own devices (notebook, smartphone).

  • Library Internet Service

Readers and visitors of the library can use the Library Internet Services (browsing web-sites, email) for free. It is necessary to follow the rules for using the Internet.

  • mobile phone web application

As part of the innovation of provided services the library recently made a mobile phone version of its web-site available for its users. It provides smartphone and tablet users direct access to information about the library, current events or on-line catalogue search. The mobile application is free of charge and is available automatically after entering the address m.kniznica.sk.

  • photocopying and printing of black and white A3 and A4 size documents

Readers and visitors of the library can take advantage of the copy services in the Internet Centre. There is a charge for these services based on the current pricelist.

  • Providing premises for language and requalification courses

Our library has extensive, modern and representational premises which are regularly used for various trainings, courses, children’s camps, as well as workshops and conferences of nationwide importance. The meeting hall on the 2nd floor is regularly used by the city council for meetings.

  • beverage machines

During your visit of the library you can find refreshment such as coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages provided by the beverage machines on the ground floor.

  • Barrier-free access for the handicapped and parents with strollers

Thanks to the passenger elevator, which was built during the last renovation, our services can also be used by physically handicapped citizens and, in addition, the elevator also makes access the upper floors easier for parents with strollers and seniors.

  • 2 information terminals within the city

Information terminals within the building of the Piešťany Information Centre and on Winter Street provide 24 hour, non-stop information for citizens and visitors to the town.

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