Database of Publications in the Regional Section

Region and Links / Collection of regional periodical

The collection of regional documents is a unique source of factual and bibliographic information, which makes it possible to learn about the history, development, and current events in the district of Piešťany.


Regional Documents Include the Following:

Reference Documents
directories, almanacs, anthologies, summaries, collections, journals, annual reports

Visual Documents
atlases, photo collections, picture publications, maps, films

book catalogues, catalogues of exhibitions

dailies, magazines, newspapers

language dictionaries,  general, factual dictionaries

Historical Documents
jubilee (anniversary) publications /  memorial albums, chronicles, yearbooks

Informational Literature
informational material, informational newsletters

Educational Literature
autobiographies, bibliographies, biographies, memoirs, encyclopedias, practical manuals, guidebooks

folders, date-books, artistic literature, corporate literature, laws


Readers can access the library collection in the regional section by borrowing on the premises (within the library) or by taking the document out of the library for a period of 24 hours, which is charged according to the price list. Regional periodicals are available only within the premises of the library.


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