Town Trnava

Establishment date
ako slobodné kráľovské mesto - rok 1238


It is definitely worth visiting Trnava, the oldest Slovak royal town ( 1238). After the great fire at the end of the 13th century and at the beginning of the 14th century, the town started to flourish in the 16th century and it became a cleric centre of the country. Between 1635 - 1777 Trnava was also a centre of Trnava University. There were built many baroque jewels , during these years, in the town - the complex of the university buildings with St. Jan Baptist basilica and the church and the monastery of St. Trinity. Visitors can also see the other objects of the sacral architecture in Trnava like the spital church of St. Helena, the parish church of St. Nicolas, the franciscan church of St. Jacob with an adjacent monastery building. Some of them were reconstructed in a baroque style and the silhouettes of their towers and turrets brought Trnava a nickname ,, Small Rome". From the town tower ( 1574), visitors can admire core of the town, still encircled by remains of the mediaeval fortifications.

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