Pobedim church

Establishment date
r. 1674 - 1678


In the village, the most significant monument is church consecrated to St. Michael the Archangel with fortification formed by round bastions, later used as chapels, and a wall with entry tower. According to canonical visits, church was built in 1674 - 1678 by Provost Jakub Hašek from Nové Mesto, and was enlarged in 1923.
The church foundations are older, most likely from 16th century when fortification was built too. In presbytery, baroque altar to St. Michael the Archagel can be found, in the aisles, altars with Baroque statues and superstructures from 18th century can be admires. The original Baroque pulpit with statue of the church patron saint is in the South nave. the rich church murals by Július Ádam from Rožňava, painter of churches, date from 1935.
In West direction from the church, the parish building is located with a memorial plaque to Ján Hollý, Slovak poet, who lived and worked in the village between the years 1808 and 1811.

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