Kláštor sv. Alžbety v Trnave


Establishment date
okolo r. 1238 - príchod klarisiek do mesta

Muzejné námestie, 3
918 09

Is one of the biggest museum in Slovakia. It has headquarter in the former Clarists' convet from 13 th-century.
In 1782 austrio-hungarian monarchy Joseph the II. made changes in the religious structure of the empire and this building which was by then in present size was given to the army. The army used it as a hospital.
After the erection of a new army hospital this building was used as a storehouse. In 1954 was building given to the newformed West-Slovakian Museum, continuing more than 100 years of museum tradition in Trnava.
At the moment, the museum has 149,643 objects on its files, 65,970 of which are from natural history, 34,297 from etnography and 49,376 historic items and a historical library with 50,039 items.
Extramural exhibitions:
the Museum of Book Culture has its seat in the building of the Olláh Seminary (at the moment under Construction) and House of music Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský dedicated to the life and production of one of the biggest Slovak musician compositor.
West-Slovakian Museum at Trnava is a member of International student exchange Card (ISECARD).

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