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This interactive exhibition was carried out by the Town Library in cooperation with the company Orange Slovakia. The aim of this unique, educational exhibition was to show the risks associated with the unconscious and absent-minded use of modern technology and the internet, especially for children and young people. The exhibition offered visitors exhibits where they could experience, in a hands-on way, the pitfalls of communication technology while, at the same time, also discovering ways how to use it safely. It also included a quiz-racing track and compared games from the past with current, contemporary interactive toys. The main ambassador of the E-children project was the well-known Slovak dancer Laci Strike. The professional guarantor of the project was Mgr. Mária Tóthová-Šimčáková, a child psychologist with 20 years experience, who during the course of the exhibition provided consultations for parents and teachers and also gave lectures for different groups. The exhibition was attended by 1,706 children, parents, and teachers.

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