Exhibition in the Polish Ustroň

The Town Library also has a long standing, well-developed cooperation, in the area of culture, with another of Piešťany‘s partner towns, Ustroň, Poland.

Caricature and Jazz

In October 20111, an international exhibition of Caricature and Jazz took place in this city, together with a presentation and exhibition of a work by Bobo Pernecky – Človekopis (Man-description). Ing. arch. Bohuslav Pernecky and representatives from MsK (Town Library) – the director Ing. Margita Galová and Tomáš Václavek took part in this event. The exhibition was part of the event‘s accompanying program the “Miraculous Nut: A Book on the Radio – Radio in a Book“. The main organizers were the Town of Piešťany, International Jazz Piešťany, and the Piešťany Town Library. The exhibition was ceremoniously opened together with the city leaders from Ustroň.


About the Spa with a Smile

In 2012, during the opening of the summer spa season, we presented, in the town of Ustroň, works by famous Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovak cartoonists under the name “About the Spa with a Smile“. Our town was, once again, represented by the Piešťany architect and cartoonist Bohuslav Pernecký.

Sun - Water - Health

In 2014, as part of the Opening of the Summer Spa Season, together with our partner town Ustroň, we presented an international exhibition of cartoonists from three countries (Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland), which was organized for the 900th anniversary of the first written record of Piešťany. The Piešťany cartoonist Bohuslav Pernecký also presented his works at the exhibition.

Detská knižnica