Computer lab for the disabled and socially disadvantaged

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In 2005, we opened a computer lab on the ground floor of our library, which was established on the basis of a cooperation agreement concluded between the non-investment fund Mosty (Bridges) and the town of Piešťany as part of the project “Šanca bez bariér” (A Chance Without Barriers). The goal of the project was to educate the unemployed, physically and socially disadvantaged youth and adults without technical abilities; people who need to improve their technical skills in order to better integrate into the labour market.
Patrons of the lab include the swimmer Committee Martina Moravcová and the Chairman of the Paralympics Ján Riapoš. The town of Piešťany acquired the lab as a result of winning the competition of Slovak towns and villages called Oskar bez bariér (Oscar Without Barriers). Since 2010, the computer lab has also served as an Internet centre.

In 2008, we purchased as part of the project “Library for the Knowledge of Society”, the first stage of which is supported by the Slovak Republic’s Ministry of Culture, computer equipment and thus were able to create conditions for spreading information to the socially underprivileged and the disabled. Improvements in the technical equipment in the lab made it possible to continue the project in 2009 with the implementation of computer courses and various professional seminars and lectures, by which conditions were created for lifelong education and the social function of the library was greatly strengthened. Every Monday and Tuesday, at a specified time, the lab was open for seniors, who could take advantage of internet services and, if needed, they were offered assistance by a staff member on duty.Another important fact is that the modern-equipped lab also drew in groups of young people, who weren’t taking advantage of the library’s other services.


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