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Throughout the course of the year important events of town, nationwide, and international importance are held in Piešťany. To provide a schedule and promote all the events, provide information about effects of the thermal spa, town architecture and accommodation and food services, requires an information office, which exists in each major town or municipality. Until 2003, there was no information office in Piešťany. There was only a private travel agency offering tourists information as its secondary activity. For this reason in 2002 the town decided to open an information centre. This task was given to the Town Library in Piešťany, which, since then, has operated the information tourist centre – Piešťany Information Centre. In November 2002, construction and interior works were finished and in, February 2003, the Piešťany Information Centre started providing its services to domestic and foreign visitors of the town. The designer of the construction modifications and interior equipment was the Architectonic studio BP, the construction modifications were carried out by the company ESPACE, Ltd., and the interior equipment was provided by the company MARCI Interiér. Co-implementer of the PIC concept was the non-profit organisation ProPolis, the creator of the architectonic design of the logo was Eng. Arch Bohuslav Pernecký.

Connecting the library and information centre together is advantageous also in terms of carrying out the regional function of a library. This task is fully performed by the information centre, which offers tourist and civic information for citizens and visitors of the town as well as the spa. In addition to this, it also sells keepsakes, souvenirs, different kinds of maps and book publications associated with Piešťany and the region. It also deals with the organising of cultural and educational events, book presentations, lecturing activities and organising exhibitions. Expansion of the Piešťany Information Centre’s activities placed greater demands on the existing amount of space and technical equipment. For this reason began renovations, which were carried out between 2006 and 2007 as part of the project Piešťany Information Centre as a support tool for tourist development. The result of this was the expansion of the premises of the PIC with more office space complete with technical and computer equipment, the installation of informational internet terminals in the central building and on Winter Street, which provide information about the town 24 hours a day as well as the enhancement of technical equipment and the addition of wheelchair access. All this came about thanks to financial support from structural funds of EU – ERDF, the sector operational programme Industry and Services and, of course, the town of Piešťany. The designers of the architectonic plans for the PIC premises and interior are Bobo Pernecký, Denisa Krupová and Marianna Bogyová. The supplier of technology and installer of the computer network and internet (hardware and software) is the company Kios, the information terminals were provided by the company Surfpoint from Banská Bystrica. Providing the necessary software by creating an information gate between the Town Library and PIC was implemented thanks to the project by the non-profit organisation ProPolis and the company Cosmotron Slovakia. Expansion of the PIC premises was financially supported by the company Chirana Dental, Ltd. After reconstruction the Piešťany Information Centre was ceremoniously opened with an exhibition by Bobo Pernecký named „Communiqués Without Words (and other bubbles)“ (Komunikáty bez slov (a iné bublinky). The commissioner of the exhibition was the president of the Slovak Cartoonist Union Kazo Kanala.

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