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In February 2015, we prepared in the libraries exhibition spaces, in cooperation with the Parental Centre Úsmev (Smile), an interesting event dedicated to children and parents called “What Will I be When I Grow Up“. The goal was to familiarize children with a variety of professions from the world of adults. The young visitors could, in a fun and interactive way, learn about 12 different professions such as policeman, nurse, dustman, postman, shop assistant, archaeologist, electrician, and, of course, librarian. Each of the event's partners had a space, where their employees and assistants could explain to the children just exactly what they did, where they worked, and what their daily tasks and responsibilities were. As part of our presentation we showed the children how to find their way around the library, how they can find books on their own in the on-line catalogue and everything else they can find on the library's web page, plus they were also able to make their own fairytale library card. The event provided space to real employees working in the Piešťany region, who, in this unconventional way, were able to present their companies. 

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