Coat- of- Arms

Piešťany Coat- of- Arms: right turned silver naked man with golden hair rises from the lower brim of a blue shield and is breaking a crutch with both hands over his left knee. The Pieštany Coat-of-Arms is used on Mayoral insignia, Pieštany plaques, and documents on Honorary Citizenship Award, Pieštany awards and decrees, buildings where City Hall offices reside, to mark City cadastral area, in City authorities meeting rooms, on City Councillors and employees ID cards, Municipality Police employees´ uniforms and Municipality Police vehicles. The contemporary City Seal is made up from the Pieštany Coat-of-Arms with circled inscription “Mesto Pieštany” (City of Pieštany) written in the lower part of the circle. Pieštany seal is used on selected lists and documents, documents on Honorary Citizenship Award and other occasions decided by Mayor or City Council.

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