Until the second half of 19th century, Pieštany used various kinds of seals with St. Stephan the King theme (a local church patron saint) when he was depicted with sceptre, crown and isosceles cross. The Pieštany oldest seal with St. Stephan the King dates from 1564. The seal with St. Stephan the King was also used by the spa settlement Teplice that later merged with Pieštany. The prints of seals with inscriptions Sigilium Teplicieus and Sigillium Teplicense with St. Stephen the King portrait can be found for example on scripts from 1771 and 1774. Replacement of St. Stephan the King with spa theme appropriately documents the change of Pieštany in 19th century. The use of the Crutch-breaker went through several phases. The picture (made 1897) author was designer and painter Arthur Heyer (1970 - 1931).

Detská knižnica