Pieštany Flag is made of: six equally wide stripes in the following order: yellow, blue, white, and yellow, blue, white while the yellow is at the top. The flag proportions are 2:3 and it ends with a “swallow tail” that reaches one third of its length. The Pieštany Flag is used by Mayor and City Council on festive and official occasions of local or state character - it is raised on buildings where they reside or premises where a solemn meeting takes place. Mayoral Insignia is a chain with City symbol the Slovak Republic state symbol. Mayoral Insignia is used during festive, solemn and significant social occasions, at City of Pieštany and Mayor Awards ceremonies and other occasion decided on by Mayor or City Council. Mayoral Flag is made up from Pieštany Coat-of-Arms placed on rectangle cloth rimmed in City colours while the Mayoral Flag proportions is equal to Pieštany Coat-of-Arms proportions. Mayoral Flag use is Mayor’s or City Council’s decision.

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