Days of Children’s Books

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This is another major event encouraging reading, which every year takes place in a different county in Slovakia and in a different library. This long tradition is connected to the celebration of International Day of Children’s Books, which is on April 2, the birthday of the great Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. The Piešťany Town Library, together with the Slovak section of IBBY and Bibiana, was the main organizer of this event in 1993 and 2001. The library prepared for its readers and supporters an unforgettable gathering of writers, illustrators, publishers, and other creative workers who have dedicated their work to children. The event took place throughout the county of Piešťany in kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, as well as in art schools, community centres and children’s treatment centres SLK Piešťany. Other events accompanying this nationwide event included noteworthy exhibitions of books and book illustrations. The grand finale of the 1993 event was the opening of the playroom for disabled children within the premises of the library. The event in 2001 also contributed to the celebration of the libraries 75th anniversary. This festival is an opportunity for all those who love books and who have dedicated their lifelong work to them, to come together. The library became a place, not only for the presentation of publishers’ releases, various exhibitions, talks, but also a place to make new contacts. Readers also had the opportunity to meet authors and publishers in almost every kindergarten, elementary and secondary school throughout the county of Piešťany.


Detská knižnica