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This project, encouraging reading, has been carried out by the library every two years since 2007. The goal is to popularize books and reading among the wider public, acquire new readers, and introduce books about different types of art (literature, creative art, drama...). Through this project we offer children and adults the opportunity to become better acquainted with noteworthy works of contemporary Slovak literature through meetings with the authors and the works of literature themselves. As part of the project we also prepare a number of smaller, more intimate events such as discussions, creative readings, workshops, theatrical performances, creative workshops, artistic and literary competitions and exhibitions, presentations by authors, illustrators and publishers, book signings, a travelling second-hand bookstore, and others. The goal of these events is to reach out to and interest the reader in an interesting way and in unconventional places throughout the town (for example cultural institutes, hotels, pedestrian zone, the Town Park, etc...), as a way of pointing out the fact that you can find and pick up a book just about any time and anywhere. The projects activities make it possible to reach out to potential children and adult readers and to show them that the time spent with a book brings an immeasurable amount of unforgettable experiences, which no other medium can convey.

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