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This project promoting reading and the reader’s movement of children and youth was regularly prepared by the Piešťany Town Library for its readers from 1995 to 1999. The goal of the project was to encourage the younger generation to become interested in books while at the same time to better acquaint them with new books and significant publishers of children‘s books. For the enjoyment of children, every year, 10 new books by Slovak authors or translated from a foreign language, released during the previous year competed in this event. The winning books were determined by the children in a survey, which was carried out in all kindergartens and elementary schools, as well as other special schools throughout the county of Piešťany. Other events accompanying this project included the “christening” of new books and meetings with their authors and publishers, as well as workshops, exhibitions of new books, and competitive quizzes, in which children could test their knowledge of literature. Every year, the climax of the event was the ceremonial crowning of the most successful original Slovak and translated books for children in the presence of the readers, publishers, and authors of the winning books. The evaluation of the books was typically accompanied by an entertainment program, which was prepared for the children by members of various Slovak theatre groups.




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