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The goal of this project was to enable children to develop their imaginations and creative thinking and to encourage them to work with the library’s website and on-line catalogue. During completion of the project, we cooperated with the well-known Slovak author Daniel Hevier. The project’s central activity was the creation of a Calendar of Literary Figures. During visits to the library, children came together to choose their favourite fairytale character from both classic and modern children’s literature, written by Slovak and international authors, which were then placed in the calendar. The children also had to consider which date in the calendar, or perhaps holiday, would be the most suitable for each concrete character. The result of this activity was a printed fairytale calendar for 2013 complete with the selected fairytale characters, which, in turn, was sent to kindergartens and elementary schools in the county of Piešťany and to surrounding libraries.
 As part of the project three literary quizzes were also held, in which children could test, in a fun way, their knowledge of domestic and foreign literature and compete for lovely book prizes. The quizzes were distributed to elementary schools in Piešťany, Trnava, and Trenčín as well as at accompanying events such as the book fair Biblioteka and through the activities of the non-profit organization Osmijanko. Four thousand children from Piešťany and the surrounding area took part in the project.

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