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The basis of this project was a radio story fairytale from the library, which was dedicated to the Piešťany Town Library by the author Ján Uličiansky on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of its founding. The fairytale, performed by the famous Slovak actress Zuzana Kronerová, won the Children’s Jury Award at the 6th annual Radio Festival “The Miraculous Nut”. The original short story gradually grew into a book which was called Illiterate Illiteracy (Analfabeta Negramotná). The story’s hero is a young girl, who in all her life had never read a book. One day she accidently finds herself locked in a library where she has incredible experiences with the heroes from the world’s best known children’s books.
Part of the project also included a variety of activities – presentations of various books, meeting with the author Ján Uličiansky and illustrator Vladimír Král, an exhibition of illustrations, theatrical dramatizations of books, presentation of broadcasting procedures, readings performed by the actress Zuzana Kronerová, presentation of e-books, and many others. During the project we also held an art competition with the theme “Illiterate Illiteracy“, in which children were given the assignment of creating the main character of a book. As an accompanying event we also prepared a methodological seminar, with Timotea Vráblová, for library staff and the wider professional public about methods of working with author edition books called Reading with Understanding. More than 600 children their parents, teachers and visitors from the general public took part in the project’s activities.

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