Buvik Goes to School

An interesting and inspiring event in the autumn of 1997 was the exhibition of the non-traditional jubilee of the Buvik printing house in honour of its sixth birthday. The central theme of the exhibition was children, who had just completed one phase of their carefree childhood and were embarking on a new one as they became first graders. The academic painter Svetozár Mydlo in cooperation with the scene’s designer and chief editor of the Buvik printing house Mária Števková by way of games, the original placement of objects, and with rare original works of superb painters and illustrators, introduced the printing house’s works, which have spoken to children since their time in the cradle to their first differentiated reading interests. Board books, picture books, colouring books, books on the development of ones mother tongue, poems, folk fairytales – these are the genres with which the printing house has enriched a child’s world before starting school as well as during the first years at school. Among the lively of the accompanying events was the meeting between children and artists - Mária Ďuríčková, Oľga Bajusová, Ján Uličiansky, Svetozár Mydlo, dr. Ján Kostra, Peter Čisárik and representatives from the printing house.

Exhibition 2001

Accompanying event

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