Shaggy’s happy colours

This was an exhibition by the academic painter Alena Wagnerová, who is currently the Slovak illustrator for the children’s magazines Zornička, Včielka and Slniečko (Morning Star, Bumble Bee and Sunshine). The artist prepared an interesting creative workshop called “Strapoškove maľomienky” for children, which translates into “painting on rocks”. During the exhibition, in addition to the creative workshop, there was also an engaging discussion with Dr. Ľuba Kepštová, the editor of the children’s magazine Slniečko (Sunshine), the christening of “the first book for first graders in the third millennium” created by Slovak authors called “On the First Grade Merry-Go-Round” and published by Mladé letá. At the opening of the exhibition Patrícia Jariabková, an editor at Slovak Television, also sang to the children.

Detská knižnica