I am a Good Craftsman

This grandly conceived exhibition, which the library became involved in at the 70th anniversary of its founding, led to nearly three months of rich and vibrant cultural life. This excellent idea by Dr. Gabriela Škorvanková, the professional implementation by the academic arch. J. Žilinčár and the overall creative team, the cooperation with the Balneological Museum in Piešťany and the interesting creative events that take place throughout this entire event attracted readers both young and old as well as those who only visit the library from time to time. Nearly dozens of attractive booths provided space for not only the display of the products of spa workers, tinkers, gingerbread bakers, shoemakers, carpenters, basket weavers, lace makers, but they also gave a place for live craftsmen to demonstrate their talent and skills right before the visitors’ very eyes. Children also had the opportunity to play the role of small craftsmen in the creative workshops, where they made such things as animal masks, family crests and even decorated gingerbread cookies. Also of interest was the meeting with authors, who have a lot in common with folklore and arts and crafts, such as storyteller Peter Glock, painter Martin Kellenberger, and Vlado and Andrej Ferko over a book about tinkers called “Like Wild Geese”. During this event expert tinkers and wire artists were able to convince those in attendance of the power and gentle beauty of this almost forgotten folk art.

Detská knižnica