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From December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015, the exhibition spaces of the library belonged to the extraordinary artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and cartoonist Svetozár Mydlo. We opened the exhibition called “Illustration and Book Design, which was dedicated to the artist, who in addition to illustrating dozens of books for children and adults is also owed a lot of credit for the current appearance of the library's Children's Section. His artistic touch can be found within the interior of the library, where he created multiple interior decorations. The visuals of our first library cards also came from the studio of Svetozár Mydlo. The exhibition “Illustration and Book Design” presented a cross-section of Svetozár Mydlo's work with its full, cheerful colour schemes, creativity and imagination. The timing of the exhibition was also rather symbolic as it was opened in the library shortly before this talented artist passed away. We also dedicated to his memory the all-day event called the “Fairytale Dream of Svetozár Mydlo”, which was also the exhibition's “swan song”. The director of the publishing house Buvik Mária Števková told the children about working together with this exceptional artist and about the numerous, beautiful books that he had illustrated for them. One of these books was  “Osmijanko Tells 8X8 = 64 New Tales”, which was acted out for the children as a theatrical performance by the puppet performers Barbora Zamišková and Petra Turčáková. The program also included a literary and artistic workshop with the magazine Slniečko, which for many years Svetozár Mydlo made illustrative contributions to. Under the guidance of young illustrators Ďuro Balogh and Kristína Baloghová Hrončeková, the children created fairytale toadstools and dwarves, which Svetozár Mydlo collected with a passion.       

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