This unique exhibition was initiated and organized by Bibiana, the International House of Art for Children. The commissioner of the exhibition Dr. Gabriela Škorvanková decided to use this interestingly artistic means to bring children and all visitors closer to the world of their disabled friends – the blind, the hearing impaired, and the physically and mentally handicapped. By incorporating various teaching aids, special literature, audio and video equipment, toys with special functions, and, most of all, through experiential therapy the children found out a wealth of new information about this hidden world of the disabled, which will hopefully be used to improve mutual relations. The exhibition included presentations of the activities of various unions and associations of the disabled in Piešťany, displays of medical aids, lectures, and creative workshops. Highly significant in contributing to enlightenment and the exchange of opinions on the integration of the disabled readers into the everyday life of libraries was the nationwide seminar for librarians called “Library Work with Disabled Reader”. Other interesting contributions were made by the discussion and video presentation on the book for hearing impaired children “Päť prštekov na ruke” (Five Fingers on a Hand) from the Buvik publishing house, the presentation of the finger alphabet (sign language) poster, as well as new alternative methods in teaching pupils from the special school of M. Beňovský in Vrbové.

Detská knižnica