Milan Starý: I took a yellow pencil in my hand

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The exhibition of Czech illustrator Milan Starý offers a peek at the illustrator’s worktable. It showcases pencil sketches and pictures done in various techniques along with finished books. The exhibition’s title refers to a well-known poem by František Hrubín, and "yellow pencils” here also refers to the pencils produced by Koh-i-noor, a set of which accompany the book Dm za mlhou (House Beyond the Mist) by Ester Stará and Milan Starý. Young readers become the book’s co-authors - it is their task to draw in it, to complete and embellish the illustrations using various techniques and different pencils, following the directions provided. The exhibition‘s opening was accompanied by a creative workshop (Draw into A House Beyond Mist) organized by Ester Stará and Milan Starý, during which children could draw right onto the gallery wall or onto photocopied sheets.

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