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For three weeks in April 2015 the exhibition spaces in the library came alive with the colourful illustrations of the well-known Slovak artist Miroslav Regitko. This multi-talented artist, who comes from Šaľa, has illustrated numerous books and textbooks for children and is also the author of comics and the creator of the character “Fifík“ – the mascot for the children's magazine with the same name. At the exhibition in the Piešťany Library he presented his rich illustration work, as well as artistic caricatures of different well-known and unknown personalities. The exhibition opening took place on April 8, 2015 with the artist in attendance and a lively performance by the theatrical group Materinka from Šaľa, for which Miroslav Regitko has created numerous artistic scenery designs, backdrops, costumes, posters, and so on. During the exhibition's run, the artist was also invited to the library to give a talk, which he did together with the writer Roman Brat, where they introduced their new book to the children. The talk concluded with a creative workshop conducted by the artist.

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