Magical and ragtag pictures

From May to August 2016, the exhibition spaces of the library belonged to the well-known Slovak illustrators Bystrík Vanča and Daniela Olejníkova. The exhibition included original and big-screen illustrations by both of the artists based on the works of prominent Czech and Slovak artists. Bystrík Vanča's exhibition presented illustrations from the collection of legends by  Mária Ďuríčkova "Dunajská kráľovná a Prešporský zvon" (Queen of the Danube and the Pressburg Bell) and from the book of fairytales by Zuzana Csontosová "Najmocnejšie kúzlo" (The Most Powerful Magic), which was also published in Czech. Daniela Olejníková presented her illustrations from the book by Czech author Jiří Dvořák "Havětník / Hávedník" (The Ragtag Man), which was published in both Czech and Slovak. This was an interactive exposition - part of the individual artistic pieces also included creative activities for children. The exhibition was an accompanying event to the IX annual festival  Zázračný oriešok Kniha v rozhlase – rozhlas v knihe (The Miraculous Nut, Book on the Radio, Radio in a Book). During its run we prepared several other accompanying events - artistic workshops with the artists themselves as well as a series of informational and creative sessions focused on the theme and content of the exhibition.

Detská knižnica