Oľga Bajusová: Lístoček z neba (Leaflet from Heaven)

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From June 18 to July 27, 2015, the library hosted a memorial exhibition dedicated to the works of the important Slovak illustrator and academic painter and artist Oľga Bajusova. It included a series for fairytales written by H. Ch. Andersen and the book by N. Nosov "Nevedko". As the "court illustrator" for the Buvik Publishing House, Oľga Bajusová enriched numerous children's books with her pictures - such as "Čačky hračky", "Hovorníček", "Mechúrik Koščúrik", "Abeceda pre Barborku" and others, many of which were 'christened' (officially unveiled) right here in our library. The opening of the exhibition also included a theatrical dramatization based on the book "Slncové dievčatko" by Mária Ďuríčková, which was illustrated by Oľga Bajusová. During the exhibition's run in Piešťany, it was visited by Oľga Bajusová's husband, a textile artist who now lives in the USA, together with other family members.

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