Open the door, Kids, Alžbetka is running to you!

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The exhibition presents two books for children - The Christmas Mystery by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder, and a new project from the Buvik publishing house – a book titled Kozliatka (Kids) that tells two stories: a classic fairy tale about unruly kids (baby goats) by Mária Rázusová-Martáková and a modern version about well-behaved ones by Jaroslava Blažková. Both books have been illustrated by Vlado Král, the well-known Slovak artist and illustrator, and the exhibition showcases both his original illustrations and some two- and three-dimensional objects that will draw visitors right into the books and their stories. Children can do a quiz on work sheets prepared by literary theorist and teacher Timotea Vráblová. The exhibition of illustrations has been organized in cooperation with BIBIANA, the International House of Art for Children.

Detská knižnica