During the spring and summer months of 2015, an exhibition by Martina Matlovičová, one of the most notable figures on the Slovak art scene, took place in the library. This illustrator is a multiple winner of the prize for the Most Beautiful Slovak Book, as well as such international awards as Zlaté jablko BIB (Golden Apple BIB) and Zlatá stuha (Golden Ribbon). At the same time, she is one of the “court“ illustrators and a good friend of our library – designer of the prizes for the radio festival “the Miraculous Nut“ 2010, two paintings of Piešťany, and several postcards and posters. For many years, her artistic works have adorned the Children's Section of the library. The exhibition “Land of Ilustrandia“ presented a cross-section of Martina Matlovičová's artistic work in the form of spatial designs and illustrations, while at the same time offering a variety of interactive activities, in which young visitors could become involved. The opening of the exhibition on March 15, 2015 was part of the all-day program commemorating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the library in Piešťany. In addition to the artist, who came to introduce her exhibition, there was also a performance by the popular TV characters “Trpaslíci“ (the Dwarves). Accompanying events of the exhibition included several meetings with authors of books, which were illustrated by Martina Matlovičová, as well as several creative workshops with this talented illustrator.  

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