Radio – Fairytale Cake

This exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the radio program “Rozprávka na dobrú noc” (A Goodnight Fairytale) on Slovak Radio. The cake, in the shape of the radio building, which looks like an inverted pyramid, with 70 candles and filled with fairytales instead of cream, was the brainchild of the head dramaturgist of the Broadcast for Children and Youth on Slovak Radio in Bratislava, the author Ján Uličiansky and dramaturgist Beata Panáková. Through a rich archive of rare exhibits the children of Piešťany had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the history of radio broadcast in Slovakia as well as to personally get to know many of the major creators and storytellers. The exhibition took place in April 1997 and we opened it together with the leadership of Bibiana, the International House of Art for Children. During the several week run of the exhibition, the library also prepared and implemented numerous, worthwhile accompanying events, in which many authors and playwrights including Anton Baláž, Vincent Šikula, Klára Jarunková, Daniel Hevier, Ján Navrátil, illustrator Dana Zacharová and others all took part. During the exhibition we also conducted a nationwide seminar for librarians on the topic “Creative Methods for Working with Children in Libraries”.

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